Educational Metaverse

The Speak App is the one Virtual Learning training to learn public speaking and improve public speaking with real situations, thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Virtual Reality

100% inverse experience thanks to the interaction with real people in real scenarios.

Most advanced analytics

The most advanced analytics on the market thanks to 200,000 combination analysis and AI.

Objective feedback

We will get personalized feedback thanks to AI that traditional training does not offer.

Live the VR experience

Before wearing the VR glasses, keep in mind the folllowing information,

Use your phone

Open the video on YouTube and turn your phone horizontally

Activate the VR option

You must click on the button in the shape of a pair of glasses at the bottom right of the screen.

Try The Speak App

If you have a pair of virtual reality glasses, put them on and enjoy the experience.

Your data will be shared with Evenbrite and Spacetechies.