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¿Are your children afraid to talk in public?

The Speak App is the tool that will allow your children to lose their fear of public speaking situations and improve their communication and public speaking skills.

Empower your children with the most demand skills of the future.

The purpose of The Speak App is to transform the nerves that block young people aged 12-18 from speaking in public into energy that empowers them to improve their communication and public speaking.

The Speak App

Here people move around, stare at you and make you nervous and what you practice is to get rid of distractions and focus on your speech.

2nd year high school studentMiralmonte School

"Being a very nervous person, it helps me to control myself when debating."

4th year lower secundary education studentMiralmonte School

It puts you in the situation and you talk about whatever you want. It feels like you're in a classroom and then he gives you back different tips for improvement.

Candela MateoMonterrey School, Vigo

V-Learning methodology for your training.

Empower talent with Virtual Reality.

They will practice in real scenarios through virtual reality and with digital twins, reinforcing the immersive experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist you in learning.

Once the practice has been completed, the artificial intelligence gives you the following feedback from the platform:


  • Analysis of non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication analysis
  • Visual analysis
  • Gestural analysis
  • Emotional analysis.

Want to know more?

How does The Speak App work?

  1. First we propose a challenge.
  2. You do the Virtual Reality practice.
  3. You review the theory to learn the best techniques.
  4. You receive 100% personalized AI feedback.

How many scenarios are available?

When you first enter The Speak App you have 6 scenarios available. As you finish the practices, new scenarios will be opened for you to practice as two new ones come out every month.

I want more information. ¿How can I obtain it?

The launch of The Speak App is scheduled for the next few weeks, you can write us and we will send you a dossier with all the information related to the app. We will also notify you in advance so that you can purchase it with a discount.